The steel plant Huachipato is located in the bay of San Vicente, in the industrial area of Talcahuano. It was founded in 1942 by the President of the Republic, Juan Antonio Ríos. Its official inauguration on November 25th, 1950, represents the start of the economic boom in Concepción. This diorama shows the Blast Furnance No. 1, the second of its kind that operated in Latin America. It has a melting chamber with a diameter of 6.48 metres and a useable volume of 710m3. Its daily production can be as much as 300 tonnes of cast iron. The process starts with two Blast Furnaces, in which the reduction of ore is carried out to obtain cast iron. The cast iron goes through a long and complex technological process. It is transformed into steel and converted into sheets which can be used in this state or be used for the production of other products such as bars, profiles, thick plates, rolled sheets or tubes.